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    Corresponding to the shooting was silence in the widget.
    ☆ please read the instructions from the installation be sure.
    ☆ new models may not be able to shoot relatively widget.
    (Start widget is set to ban camera phones in the body)
    Other ☆ Galaxy S2 Galaxy Nexus HTC Xperia behavior models
    ☆ Waiting does not drain the battery completely.
    ☆ When you press the back key immediately after pressing the REC button, you can also use to shoot a shot.

    ★ ★ important
    ☆ When you first start is not from widgets, start the application itself, please let automatically set the preview size.
    ☆ U~ijeto when shooting, so lock the home screen, you will not be able to operate the home screen
    ☆ Please end the recording press the Back button on the cell phone back.
    ☆ Free version will compress to 40% the resolution of the shooting widget.
    Shooting high-resolution version is available only Pro.

    ★ ★ Features
    A. You can shoot like shooting video animation flip Bee - Suraidomu.
    You can make a strange video shoot 2. Clay animation, when shooting a moving frame crafted clay. Might make a video like Chicken Run and Nyakki? ?
    ※ appreciation after shooting animation data can be viewed in the slide viewer is possible. The captured data so we become serial number and JPEG files, video files If you want to convert, you need to have a personal computer with special software, however.

    Three. You can enjoy the world through the camera unrealistic changes in real time and using the camera and white, illustration camera, a big nose camera. (Depending on the model will slow down. Recommended dual-core CPU)
    You can wind effect illustration comic magazines, Gotham noil to photography photo illustrations. 4.
    You can put four handwriting. (Can also create a pictogram).
    Ultra-high-speed continuous shooting is possible with silence. 5.
    You can shoot in HDR Nanchatte. 7. Will also become beautiful or when shooting a girl or cooking.
    You can 8.TOY CAM effects. Effect of the captured image is possible.
    Put nine characters., Illustration handwriting, color adjustment (HSV, RGB, ToneCurve) is possible.
    ※ You can not use now, because it is in the tone curve adjustment feature multi-point recognition. Please wait for it so that it can be used in the update in the near future.
    10 shooting. Since it is possible that continuous shooting (shooting effects possible silence) Silence, you can enjoy shooting without having to worry about the situation around.

    Main function
    Silence (Hidden) function camera (camera)
    ※ Please act (spy) is not used for espionage.
    Feature a variety of real-time effects (effect) camera
    Real-time illustration (real time illust) camera
    Change to view it (you will want to see certain commercials for beer) in real time the specified color of the image by Chameleon feature feature (splash) splash.
    ※ You can also change the color sample I created and accessories such as clothing, vehicles and accessories.
    Real-time feature sketch (sketch) camera
    Slide Show
    sexy pink conversion
    Shades of black Retoromono good photo
    Delicious cuisine and white shooting with the camera
    Pencil sketch real-time camera function
    High-speed continuous shooting function (burst shooting)
    ※ Some mobile phones can be taken approximately 10 frames per second
    ※ is also ideal for golf swing check something.
    ※ Check is also ideal form of skiing and snowboarding.
    You can enjoy the effect in real time (lomo) Homes of various colors.
    ★Caution and warning ★
    To antisocial behavior such as voyeur can not be used.
    Be used for crime can not be.
    To loss of profits is not responsible.
    Shall not be liable for lost profits or the possibility of crime.
    In other words, we have developed to be used for photographing children, pets, and landscapes. .
    Please use at your own risk. Please observe the laws of the country to use this application also.

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