Beautiful WLP Screen Lock




    This is a screen locker with beautiful background here. In this screen locker, we can slide on a beautiful background to unlock the screen.

    1. Different from other screen locker, this Beautiful WLP Screen Lock can supply us with a beautiful background here.
    2. We can get a colorful bottle of smoke here. Smoke can form into a heart in the neck for us to experience the activity.
    3. Besides, we can get current time, date and day of week here.
    Like wallpaper on the Android device, this screen locker supplies us with beautiful locked wallpaper.

    1. This is a screen locker, which helps us to lock the screen.
    2. This is a daily tool, which can indicate what day is it, what the date is and what time it is.

    1. Set in settings to enable ringtone effect or vibration effect as you wish.
    2. Turn on this screen locker to run for us to replace original screen locker.
    3. Activate the locked screen to get such beautiful screen wallpaper.
    4. We can get smoking bottle, daily information here to have fun.
    5. Drag upward to unlock the screen to go to home to use our Android devices.
    6. If you don¡¯t use your devices, you should press POWER key to turn off the screen to save battery.

    This screen locker Beautiful WLP Screen Lock is different from other common locker. It is simple to use and easy to control. We can use this screen locker on Android mobiles or tablets. It will bring us beauty and convenience here.

    Please, if you don't like this app or find a BUG don't give me one star. Just email me, I will fix it.

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