Button Camera Pro

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    Button Camera Pro

    This simple and practical app lets you take beautiful pictures with special effects, various customizations to make good pictures. Exploits the full potential out of your camera. Take beautiful photos without missing in frills, quickly, with a simple click on the button of your camera hardware.
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    1) hardware camera button, volume button and click on the photo shoot.
    2) Full-screen mode, click on the photo showing the entire display.
    2) Zoom gesture, Pinch zoom, adjust the zoom with a simple gesture.
    3) Buttons, Zoom Zoom Plus and Minus to accurately adjust the zoom.
    4) Photos button to see the last picture taken.
    5) On Flash Button and Flash Off, takes the photos in low light using your camera's flash.
    6) Virtual Button settings, access the camera settings, or use the Menu Bottom, present on your device.

    Camera Settings:
    1) Enables or disables the flash chamber.
    2) Turn on or off the sound at the click of the camera (if the device allows it).
    3) Set the resolution of the camera, choosing what resolution is supported by your camera.
    4) Set the scene (Scene) of photography depending on the environment (day, night, theater, firework etc ...)
    5) Set color effects (Effect Color) to your photos (sepia, black and white, solarization, negative, etc ...)
    6) Set the amount of white (White Balance) in the photo, giving different effects.
    7) Adjust the focus of the camera from a list of different options available.
    8) Sets the levels of Exposure / Contrast, ie the amount of brightness.

    This app allows you to use your camera making you the best, it makes available all possible effects that provides your camera, in particular offers
    - Acquisition of photos with the volume button
    - Pinch to zoom
    - Link to the gallery
    - Set resolution
    - Setting up effects
    - Scene Mode
    - White Balance
    - Type of focus
    - Levels of exposure

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