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    With the wide variety of Digital SLR models from Canon, questions come up as to how each differs. How does the 5D Mark II compare to the 5D Mark III? A 60D to a 70D? The Rebel T5i with a T4i? And what do the shutters sound like? Those are the questions that I seek to answer with the CanonCams App.

    Camera Models Currently Included: EOS 70D, Rebel SL1, Rebel T5i, EOS 6D, Rebel T4i, EOS 1D c, EOS 60D a, EOS 5D Mark III, EOS 1D X, Rebel T3i, Rebel T3, EOS 60D, Rebel T2i, EOS 7D, Rebel T1i, EOS 5D Mark II

    * Features of CanonCams
    The main screen can be sorted to the precise Canon DSLR sensor that you desire: Full Frame, APS-H or APS-C. Zoom in on individual cameras exposing details such as Sensor Type, estimated MSRP, Megapixels, ISO sensitivity, Memory Card Slots/Type, etc. All of this is completely offline, no web data is called upon. This means you can access the App’s main functionality without an Internet connection.

    * Camera Compare Feature
    Enabled via Options or Camera Details screen. After selecting the first camera, press the "Compare" button. From the list that appears, choose the camera that you'd like to compare. Both cameras will appear on screen side-by-side. Rotate your smartphone to a landscape orientation for best viewing. Additionally, new cameras can be loaded and compared by clicking either camera image.

    * Info via the Web
    Ready to add data via the Internet? Open the Options screen. Here you can toggle, and websites to show up at the bottom of each camera’s details page. Choose one, two or all three in any combination.

    - Toggling the look up button gathers up-to-date information on pricing, availability and reviews. Click on the Amazon links to see reviews, additional specs, etc. You can even shop right from the App. For trouble-free info, make sure the option is selected before launching the first camera.
    - Curious as to the type of photos that a particular camera produces? Use the toggle and you’ll see a sampling of the camera’s capabilities. (Note: Due to lack of images on Pbase, and Canon's Sample photos are used for some models))
    - Toggling brings you right to the camera’s specific Canon page.

    * Shutter Sounds
    Not only can you *see* Canon’s cameras, you can *hear* them as well. Each Canon has a unique shutter sound. Click the shutter button along the App’s right hand row (Grey designates Full Frame, Yellow APS-H (1.3x crop), Red APS-C (1.6x crop) and listen to the various camera shutter personalities. 14 different shutters are now available.

    * Who’s this App for?
    Pros, Amateurs, Canon Enthusiasts, Camera Shoppers… anyone who enjoys learning and comparing cameras from Canon’s great line of DSLRs.

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