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    **We are no longer developing CloudSearch**

    On August 1st, Microsoft began to retire the free search API used by CloudSearch in favor of a paid search API. Although we would like to continue to offer CloudSearch, Microsoft’s new pricing structure is far too expensive for a small company like ours.

    Microsoft Bing was the last of the big search players to offer a free API. We are truly saddened that we cannot continue to offer what we believe is a good search tool. Although the API is still returning results as of August 5th, we cannot guarantee how long CloudSearch will continue to work. Microsoft can turn off the switch at any time.

    We do offer an alternative, Stumblr. Please take the time to consider migrating to Stumblr. It provides an easy way to find images by browsing through Tumblr posts. If you have any questions, or perhaps know of an alternative free API, please contact us.

    Thank you.

    Find images on the web with CloudSearch. CloudSearch 4G is the Android version of the popular J2ME CloudSearch application. Using the app is easy.

    *Enter a search term and press the icon next to the search box to begin a search
    *Long press a thumbnail or preview to save an image
    *Click a preview to return to the search results
    *Select menu, Transfers to view the progress of downloading images

    Use the settings to manage the number of results, filters, and caching. See for more information. The source code for the J2ME version is available at

    *Blog results provided by the Tumblr API.

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