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    this version is old version. please download new version.

    “A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away.”
    ― Eudora Welty

    Sometimes you regret on time when you just let go away the most valuable moments
    like your baby's first step, trip to strange place, unexpected things and so on!
    There are so many things that can be kept and sometimes these moments are so valuable
    that you would never want to let it go.
    Unfortunately, our science has no power to restore the moments forever, but you can restore the
    memories of those valuable moments with Crayon Camera!

    People have also tried to use the various camera pudding camera, neighbor cameras, line cameras and camera rhino
    Can you use different colors interesting.

    The effect of time, many other SNS (twitter) Facebook (facebook), cacao Talk (kakao talk), Blog (blog), Twitter interesting
    Can you (share) and share your fun memories Namugishi.

    Enabling Chi~aruyangu to silence the sound volume according to the function Manor, where hot note
    You can not stick. (Illegal use is intended to protect the manners *., Such as voyeur is subject to legal action.)

    Without having to buy a (lomo) toy camera (toy) camera, Homes, you can give the effect.

    More various effects, such as all people and things travel, people, things, food, etc.
    You can leave the store.

    Effects and animation (cartoon) like (animation) cartoon!

    Serve the effect of paper (paper), the paper the beautiful scenery!

    As Photoshop, without the need to modify the other is available immediately.

    Try unique themes from Crayon Camera to restore your memories even more special!
    Crayon Camera also knows how valuable your time is, so it won't ask you to set up a complicated features like other Camera apps do.
    With Crayon Camera, you just need to choose any unique themes to take a delightful photo!

    How To Use
    1. Focus on subject that you would like to take a picture
    2. Choose any unique theme that you would like to take a picture with
    3. Taken photos save this path (in sdcard "crayoncamera" folder.)
    4. Enjoy your restored memory!

    Under development
    1. 360 camera function
    2. Camera panorama function
    3. SFX effect
    4. Chi~aruyangu feature video
    5. funny features you can enjoy more interesting, as spy camera

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