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    Capture, store and view photos securely.
    With CryptoCam you can take pictures without worrying about who might get to see them. Even if your device gets lost or stolen, you do not need to worry that your private images could be misused.

    All images are protected by the the strong AES-256 cipher using a key securely derived from your password. Without knowing the password, no one will be able to decrypt the images. Naturally, the password is never stored in the device's data storage. On application start, the password is verified through decrypting some test data.

    The image is encrypted immediately after capture and only then are the encrypted data written to the device's data storage. Therefore no traces of the unencrypted image are left on the device.

    Even though since version 2.0 you do not need to enter your password to take photos, these photos will still be safe. Ingenious use of asymmetric encryption allows CryptoCam to store data securely without knowing the password. The private key, which allows decryption of these data, is protected using the key derived from your password.

    Not only CryptoCam provides security to your private data, it also offers a wide range of options and effects to help you take high quality images
    * High Resolution photos
    * Scene Modes
    * Color Effects
    * Autofocus
    * Flash
    * Face Detection

    CryptoCam also provides many premium features:
    * Albums - sort your photos to custom albums
    * Photo editor - resize or crop your photos
    * Import - add your photos to CryptoCam gallery
    * Encrypted export - protect your data while moving your files to another device
    * Backup - backup your current CryptoCam gallery so that you will never again lose your photos
    * Photo presentation - do you like to view your gallery and are you tired of changing between photos? use our presentation

    All premium features can be bought in only one payment and then they will stay available to you forever.

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