This (joke) application is using the camera and android's face detection, and paste the symbol of the anime characters on photograph's forehead.
    You can be anime character!!!

    - Paste the stamp automatically that part of the forehead of the face from taken picture.
    - You'll can choose from the menu to paste the stamps.

    - Stamp selection screen is displayed when you start the app.
    - Choose the stamp from the menu what you want to paste.and press the button "LiveView".
    - Tap the screen to shoot.(When you release your finger)
    - After photography, Photo is combined with the stamp will be displayed.
    - Please press the Save button If you like the results.
    - If you are not satisfied, please press the retry button.
    - You press the gallery button on the LiveView, you can see a photo that is stored.
    - Please select the button "SelectStamp" If you want to change the stamp.

    - The screen fixed in landscape.
    - If cannot detect faces, don't paste stamps.
    ex. dark place, face seen from the side, Too close to the face...
    - Detect faces up to 10 people.

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