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    DIKO has the goal of creating a digital diary / contact-book for families who have children with developmental disabilities. The aim is to exploit the current potential of internet-based contact books and social networks, but in an easy to use and secure platform for the children, their teachers and their families.

    * Important: You need a DIKO account to use this application. For more information refer to

    The DIKO Uploader for Android allows you to take pictures with your Android device, or select pictures already on your Android, and directly upload them to the DIKO platform. After you have uploaded a picture, you can use the DIKO website from the integrated web browser in the DIKO Uploader for Android.

    The DIKO Uploader for Android allows you to:
    1. Start a new session in DIKO Web using your username and password.
    2. Change the login information (username and password) in settings.
    3. Choose to take new photos (using the native camera app) or choose a photo from the mobile device’s library.
    4. After taking a new photo, you are able to either discard or use that photo.
    5. Selected or taken photos are displayed in an upload list.
    6. You can delete photos from the upload list by choosing a delete mode on the top-right corner.
    7. When tapping a photo on the upload list, the photo is displayed big and you are able to:
    7a. return to the upload list
    7b. delete the photo from the list
    7c. select the DIKO day where the photo will be added
    7d. write a description
    8. You are given the choice to “Upload to DIKO” or to “Upload to DIKO + add to day”.
    9. During the upload process the status of upload (in percentage) and a “Cancel” button.
    10. You can interact with the DIKO website directly within the DIKO Uploader for Android App.

    Application developed by Viktor Eklund and Hector Caltenco

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