Easy Light Field Camera

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    Shoot first, focus later! Capture an image with one click of a button and focus on the foreground or background later in the viewer by swiping up and down on the picture! The pictures are taken and shown in 1280x960.

    If you don't know what a light field camera is, search for it on the web.
    Of course your device is not a real light field camera and this app can't replace one, but it simulates the effect of taking one photo and focusing later... it's the Dirty Harry of photography (shoot first, the rest follows...)

    Easy to use:

    -Take a photo of a near object (I tried it with objects about max. 25 cm / 10 inches away) with a nice background, distance depends on the macro autofocus function of your device...
    - tap screen or press volume buttons or camera button if you happen to have one, hold the device still for some seconds!
    - after several seconds the image is saved
    - click on it in the image gallery
    - swipe up and down to change focus plane back or forward
    - menu button to export or delete image

    Free version: can save up to 20 pictures, contains ads
    Full version: no ads, unlimited saving

    If the app doesn't work as intended: tell me your device type. This is the first version, I don't expect it to work on every device in the world.

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