The EigenCAM app is an imaging and analysis software specifically designed for multi-spectral imaging applications to extract as much information as possible from the images. Promising applications include near infrared photography, vegetation analysis, assisted night vision, authentication, biological detection, urban growth analysis, defeating camouflage, disaster assessment, etc.

    This app is designed to be used with specially-modified Android devices, although some of the image processing algorithms will also work on regular images. The hardware modification allows the camera to see Near-Infrared wavelengths. Please visit the for more details on how to modify your device or obtain a pre-modified device.

    This app uses the image processing features of the OpenCV library, so the free OpenCV Manager app will be installed when the app is first run (if you do not already have it).

    EigenCAM supports processing of image files on the device, live video captured from the camera, and periodic image capture (e.g. time-lapse). A number of image processing algorithms can be selected and customized interactively. Is there a feature/algorithm that is not provided? Contact us and we can add it to the app!

    EigenCAM requires a license for continued use of all features. A 7-day trial period is automatically granted if you do not already have a license. After the trial period, the app will revert to a demo mode with a reduced feature set. A license is included when you purchase the hardware from Eigen Imaging. Please contact Eigen Imaging to obtain a license or activate a license you already have.

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