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    looking for facial expression of your family, friends, or even your contacts? manage your contacts in a handy way? exchange contact information via QR code...???
    it uses face detection (face recognition) technology to search faces, use it as contact photo, and further manage them via faces, provides handy way make a call, send SMS, Email to your contact. It can also generate contact 2D matrix barcode (QR Code), and of course can scan QR code to add contact, and further more you can play your contact photo in 3D chain...

    It has the following functions:
    *. Searching all faces on all pictures in your smartphone or tablet
    *. resize faces in 100x100 Pixels and show it up
    *. all faces saved in a SQLite database
    *. Generate contact 2D matrix barcode (QR Code),
    *. scan QR code to add contact
    *. link to camera function to take a picture and process the faces...
    *. add the face as contact photo.
    *. long touch face to call
    *. long touch face to send SMS
    *. long touch face to send Email
    *. view option to view only faces with contact or all faces
    *. import Contact photo into face list
    *. possibility to install on SD card
    *. full screen view
    *. touch the face to show contact name
    *. playing 3D contact chain, it tiles contact photos as a chain, and rotating crossing your screen, like whipping...
    *. view contact information function
    *. background process to searching faces, it won't impact your user Interface performance
    *. long press on the face to open the original picture, or delete a face from database (PS: if you don't delete the picture either the face will come back when next searching takes place)
    *. single click the face to show the picture shooting date.
    *. at first time searching process starts automatically, later you control when to start searching process, and when to stop it by youself.
    *. support multi-languages: English, Dutch, Chinese

    It is a different experience to view your pictures, and searching for a certain picture. It puts all faces together, makes it looks like family or friends reunified. It generate QR code (2D matrix barcode), and scan QR code to add contact, make a easy way to swap contact information between Android phones

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