Frame Advance




    You can send a video frame taken with the built-in camera. As a still image, you can also save the file.
    I think so you can shoot fast, and available in the golf swing analysis, such as forms and baseball.

    The execution, "OpenCV Manager" is required.

    ■ Recording (Rec / Stop)
    The start / stop recording. Depending on the frame rate is about 3 to 6 seconds can be recorded.
    If the file is a valid set of save, save to external media when you stop recording.

    ■ Show (Thumbnail / Preview)
    The thumbnail view of each frame video taken. Flick left and right page will change in the operation.
    You can view the frame was touching them with your thumbnail, and back / frame flick left and right frame advance operation from there.
    If you want to shoot a new, return to the preview screen.

    ■ The color (Gray / RGB)
    Done in grayscale / color to shoot. Will also affect the processing speed.

    ■ File (Load Picture / Save Picture)
    The load and display the saved file.
    Create a file that contains the image which recorded.

    ■ Switching the camera (Change Camera)
    If the camera is equipped with two or more, and then switch the camera.

    ■ Menu Key (Setting)
    enable / disable the file-saving. etc.

    [Will be supported]
    -Slow play
    -Such as drawing lines, circles, or other

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