GN1C Pro

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    Yes,It's profeesional edition.
    Version 3.2, increase the attenuation range of options in order to support more reflective and soft umbrella applications.
    Version 3.1, it supports 30 kind of flash include 7 brands: Canon/Nikon/Metz/Nissin/Oloong/Sony/YongNuo, enjoy it!
    From version 3.0, I copy all flash output data files that I can collect into your phone directory: /sdcard/GN1CData/ .So you can put your flash data file into it and edit FlashType.xml to let the app support your new toy. And also you can delete the flash type that you do not use with edit the FlashType.xml file.
    From version 2.0,it Supported the ISO setting up to 12800, and allowed you use yourself flash data files(.gn) without waiting for update to support new device anymore. If you don't know how to config it,email me,it's very easy!
    Beyond the free editon, it can estimate different GN settings with 1/3 step adjustment of aperture and filters attenuation usually used.
    Furthermore, it recommend appropriate power settings from all zoom of the flash that system had recorded, not just limited to the zoom you specify like free edtioin, and it is accurate to 1/3 step of power setting.
    It can switch English or Chinese automatically by your phone language setting.
    Rock and roll right now!

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