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    GoPro SD Backup2Phone v5.1.237

    Quickly backup your SD card to your phone with 1 touch.

    This app provides a quick and easy way to back up your camera's memory card to your Android device.
    It's designed specifically with the GoPro Hero2 in mind, but will work with any memory card you can mount on your Android device.

    GoPro Hero2 SD cards are automatically detected, and only the media folder (100GOPRO) will be copied to your device's storage.

    This app was only tested on Samsung Galaxy S2 and S3, running various versions of ICS, but should work with any Android device that supports USB OTG and have a similar display resolution.
    Devices with different screens may not display the app's menues properly but should still work, as long as OTG is supported.

    * Your phone must support USB OTG (USB on the go).
    * You must have a USB OTG cable and a USB card reader, or a micro USB card reader.
    * You will have to know your phone's storage mount name (emmc, sdcard, ext_sd etc) to set up the backup storage location when launching the app for the first time.

    * Backup the media folder from your GoPro Hero2 SD, or other memory cards in full, into your phone's storage memory with one touch.

    * Selectable destination storage (internal phone storage or expansion card).

    * Destination folder is automatically named by date and time, and placed in "gopro backups" parent folder.

    * All operations are logged in a file stored in the app's data folder.

    * Log file can be viewed or cleared from within the app.

    * Non-Hero2 mounted USB memory can also be copied.
    Hero2 SD only get the media folder (100GOPRO) copied, other flash memory cards will be copied in full.

    * "Copy Finished" notification.

    * Auto-terminate if no user interaction for 30 seconds on main menu.

    * Optional progress bar, can be turned on in the settings menu.

    Limitations/known issues:
    * USB OTG data rate is slow. Live with it. It may take 10 minutes to copy 1GB.

    * Not all OTG cables and card readers created equal!
    Some will be slow to copy, drain battery in minutes, dismount the SD card, cause random reboots, or any combination of the above. Avoid using fancy readers with LEDs and hubs, they are power hungry and will cause you grief.
    Test yours and change the OTG/card reader or both if you are having issues.
    To conserve battery, remove your OTG when copy is finished.

    * The screen stays on while the app's running to prevent file corruption while copying.
    If the app crash while copying, your device may lose its screen timeout settings and stay awake.
    Launch the app again and exit through the menu to restore Screen timeout settings.

    * If your backup storage is full, the app will hang. Free some space then try again.

    * Large capacity memory cards consume more power. If your device behave nicely with smaller capacity cards but become unstable with the big ones, avoid using them.

    * Data stored on a Hero2 SD card, not in the 100GOPRO folder will NOT be copied.

    * Touching the BACK button will make the graphic interface disappear, but the app will not terninate. If a backup was in progress when this happened, it will complete successfuly without any visual progress indication, then a copy-finished notification will show.
    If no backup was going when touching the BACK button, the app will timeout and terminate after 30 seconds.

    About the app's permissions:
    * android.permission.DISABLE_KEYGUARD,
    needed in order to keep the device from locking while copying, which can corrupt the files.
    * android.permission.WAKE_LOCK,
    needednin order to keep the device from sleeping while copying, which can corrupt the files.
    * android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE,
    needed for accessing and saving files to device's storage.
    * android.permission.SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW,
    needed to display app's dialogs and messages.

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