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    Hand-Drawn Camera

    All of the images and videos you see here were taken using the app. This is the best and most realistic sketch and cartoon creating app available on Google Play. Download it and check it out.

    Create hand-drawn and comic book looking PHOTOS and VIDEOS (video recording available on the PRO version) in REAL TIME with your camera! Publish it on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter... wherever you want.

    Transform any photo, image or video (video editing available on the PRO version) you ever recorded into a sketch, comic book, or japanese manga like work of art.

    Record videos (on the PRO version) and apply cool visual effects to it in real time! Unlike other apps that try to let you record videos in real-time, Hand-Drawn Camera lets you choose the resolution of the video, so that even low-end devices can record videos in real-time. The more powerful your device is, the better the video quality will be.

    Record videos in high-definition using your camera and post process it into a high-definition hand-drawn cartoon like video. Any device can do it, not just high-end devices. The more powerful your device is, the faster the video will be processed.

    You can adjust the thickness of the pencil's strokes while recording a video or taking a photo, making a minimalist drawing or a more detailed image.

    You can create colored or black and white drawings.

    Enable or disable flash while recording your videos or taking photos. You can even enable flash to use the app as a lantern :-)

    The app is installed on the SD Card (if it's available), and the videos are also saved to the external memory in order to save space on the internal memory of your device.

    The videos are recorded on mp4, and any android device should be able to play it without any problems. If you ever have any trouble playing the videos, install MX Player. It's the best video player for android and it's FREE.



    + More filters (any suggestion is greatly appreciated)
    + Localization to other countries



    + Pictures and Videos are stored on the SD card, inside the folder "HandDrawnCamera"

    + If the recording does not run smoothly try lowering the video resolution

    + Some effects require a device with high processing power to create videos with a high FPS rate. Any device can record videos in real time, but lower end devices will get low FPS rates. To post process a video and apply an effect to it, the device's processing power will affect the amount of time necessary to do it.

    + You can also play the recorded videos on a PC/MAC. The videos are recorded on standard mp4 format, and any video player must be able to play it.



    INTERNET, ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: on the free version, it's necessary to display the the ads that make it possible.
    WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: to save the pictures on the SD card.


    The video recording is done using FFmpeg. It's licensed under the LGPLv2.1 and its source can be downloaded at:

    Hand Drawn Camera

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