Hats, is a simple application that allows you to add a hat to any person in a pictures.

    Features …..

    … Select from several different hats.
    … Change size of the hats.
    … Change the rotation of the hat.
    … Share your final image on your social network.
    … Add text to your image.
    … Paint on your image.
    … Hats, is part of the ImageFX series.

    Hats, is the easiest way to add cool hats to your photos. Makes sharing your pictures fun. You can add any of several hats.

    Send your photographs to Facebook or twitter and on other photo sharing networks.

    Hats, is one of a series of photography apps by montysmagic and ImageFX. Each of these apps are designed so they work together and allow you to complete many of the functions that you would find in software such as Photoshop. This app can be used as a stand-alone app or can be used in conjunction with our other apps in the ImageFX system for additional photo effects. Changes you make in one of the ImageFX apps will automatically appear in other ImageFX photography editing apps.

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