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    Is the camera shutter sound can be taken to avoid having to consider the manners.
    Will want to take picture of food and restaurants! It's embarrassing junk but sound is ·
    Taking pictures of animals such as cats are sleeping! If you get people away so sound but ·

    At such times this camera!

    You can take without fear would cause even if this cute sleeping face of a child!

    ※ Please use observe the manners.
    Abuse of this application, please do not.
    Any damage incurred directly or indirectly is going to use this app
    Other does not pay us any liability for compensation.

    • To save SD card is required.

    • Supports OS2.2 or later

    -Dependent model for a strong camera capabilities, it does not appear anything on the screen depending on the model
    You may not be able to take pictures or normal.
    Thank you for reporting we want to deal as much as possible.

    Authority and status of mobile phone and read ID and is required to display advertising.
    Please note that for any other purpose because it does not use any.

    (You can switch handsets only.) The ability to support
    White balance
    Auto: AUTO
    On cloudy days: CLOUDY_DAYLIGHT
    Lunch: DAYLIGHT
    Under fluorescent lights: FLUORESCENT
    Under an incandescent lamp: INCANDESCENT
    Shadow: SHADE
    Twilight before sunrise or after sunset: TWILIGHT
    The warm colors of fluorescent lamps: WARM_FLUORESCENT.

    Color effect
    Monochrome of blue: AQUA
    Unknown: BLACKBOARD
    MONO: Monochrome
    Ppoku inverted color negative: NEGATIVE
    SEPIA: sepia

    • Setting the scene
    Moving object: ACTION
    Auto: AUTO
    BARCODE: Bar Code
    BEACH: Beach
    Warm colors, such as a candle flame: CANDLELIGHT
    Fireworks for: FIREWORKS
    Target was away for landscapes: LANDSCAPE
    Night: NIGHT
    Person for the night: NIGHT_PORTRAIT
    For the party: PARTY
    Person for: PORTRAIT
    For snow: SNOW
    Very fast moving objects such as sports: SPORTS
    That does not blur when the handshake-for friend or: STEADYPHOTO.
    For the evening: SUNSET
    Theatre for Theatre: THEATRE

    Support functions will increase rapidly in the future depending on the version up!

    Setting the W / B white balance
    Effect effect settings screen
    Setting the Scene scene.
    The alignment of the guide wire, such as when shooting
    Adjust the focus after you press the Record button AutoFocus.
    Shoot button to take the picture.

    Since the camera will be machine-dependent feature is intense, depending on the model of your
    May not function properly.
    In that case all means, Please tell us, such as symptoms and model information.
    I would like to take the measures as much as possible.

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