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    iMage is a premium image gadget offering all-in-one amazing photo effects and editing tools.

    ∞ Artistic Effect : Paint your photo into different styles - Impressionist, Oil Paint, Watercolor, Pointillist
    ∞ 3D Effect : Convert your 2D photo into 3D image automatically
    ∞ Lomography Effect : Change your photo in LOMO camera
    ∞ Sketching Effect : Sketch your photo
    ∞ Embossing Effect : Outline your photo

    ∫ HDR : Correct the shadow and highlight image
    ∫ Sharpen : Improve sharpness on your image
    ∫ Color mixer : Adjust your color channels, brightness and contrast

    * Requires an Android 1.6 device or above. Recommended devices include : 1GHz single-core processor and 512MB main memory.

    * Compatible on Android 4.0 ( Ice Cream Sandwich )

    * Compatible on Samsung Galaxy Note

    * If you want an FREE apps,please download iMage Free (

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