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    Record videos, take photos, and edit photos with the amazing effects and filters of iMajiCam 2. Preview effects and filters live on your device's camera or edit existing photos! Twist and warp the world into strange new shapes… or give that photo an Old Film look… or turn your face into a Sketch! Mix and match from a huge variety of effects, filters, overlays, and more, nearly all adjustable. Share your creations with friends and family via Facebook, Twitter, email, and more. iMajiCam 2 is all in one App.
    - Live Preview all effects as you take photos or record videos.
    - Record videos.
    - Take HD photos.
    - Take stop motion photos with the Multi-Shot option.
    - Edit and touch up your existing photos.
    - Warp effects such as Magnify and Twist and more.
    - Filter presets such as Sepia and Old Film and more.
    - Adjustments such as Contrast and Vibrance and more.
    - Color effects such as Sketch and Cartoon and more.
    - Different colored frames.
    - Different colored overlays.
    - Blending modes for overlays such as Color Dodge and Soft Light, Multiply, and more.
    - Apply a warp effect, color effect, filter settings, and a frame or overlay, all at the same time.
    – Share on Facebook, Twitter, Mail and more.
    – Layer effects on top of each other for perfect photo.
    – Crop and adjust.
    – Brightness and contrast adjustment.
    – Hue adjustment.
    – Unlimited effects and filters creation and combinations.

    Effects & Filters:
    Choose from over 75 effects & filters plus colored frames:
    Warp Effects:
    • Magnify, Pinch, Twist, Mirror, Crystal, Kaleido.
    Filters effects:
    • Grayscale, Sepia, Old film, Cobal, Movie 1, Movie 2, Red, Green, Blue, Contrast, Brightness, Vibrance, Hue.
    Color effects:
    Poster, Outline, Neon, Carton, Colortoon, Emboss, Tricolor, Red, Green, Blue, Negative, Vignette 1, Vignette 2, Tunnel
    Thermal, Pixel, Dot, Dot matrix, Color matrix, Chromix, Chromate, Pop art, Comic 1, Comic 2
    Black, White, Brown, Chrome, Rainbow, More coming soon.
    Red, Green, Blue, Cyan , Magenta, Yellow, White, Black, Gray, Rainbow.
    Overlays Modes:
    Darken, Lighten, Multiply, Color burn, Linear burn, Screen, Color dodge, Linear dodge, Overlay, Subtract, Difference, Negation, Exclusion, Soft light, Linear light, Vivid light, Pin light, Hard mix, Glow, Phoenix.
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