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    Insta Pic Frames is the best pic frame or photo collage maker for social networks like the Facebook, Instagram and whatsapp which enables us to create some amazing pic collages.Use this best photo collage editor to create some stunning photo collages for various occasions like the anniversary, birthday with your beloved family and friends, using photo collage frames of different shapes like the apple, heart, butterfly, star and much more.

    Use this to frame your photos like the the ones you have seen in deviantart and instagram. It helps you to combine multiple photos in to amazing looking frame/shells/collage. Using this app you can create awesome photo collages. You can apply awesome photo effects using this app and it supports plenty of effects., there are around 50 photo effects, you can use this as a photo editor also.This is a kind of picmix or photo collage app with awesome photo effects support.

    Instant pic frames is a very powerful photo collage editor. Explore the features of this photo collage editor, to effectively edit your pics. This collage maker can also be used as a photo editor because of a number of photo editing options.

    Stitch pics using a variety of grid options. Explore these grid options to effectively stitch your pics. This pic stitch option, enables us to stitch pics, with a variety of photo frame options. Use the pic stitching option, to stitch pics, the way you want.

    This photo editor, enables you to, edit your pics by altering the size of its border and by changing its colour and pattern.

    This picmix app, offers a variety of collage layouts. Use these collage layouts to create some amazing pic collages. Explore the unique picmix features of this collage maker. Use this picmix app to create some worth shareable photo collages.

    Key Features Instant pic frames

    1. Grid maker
    The grid maker feature is unique to this collage maker. This collage maker supports around 50 grids for photo collage making. The grid maker option provides variety of grids for creation of photo collages. Make the most of this grid maker option for photo editing.

    2. Collage layout
    This grid maker, supports wide variety of collage layouts, for creation of pic collages. It has 60 collage layouts

    3. Photo frame
    The picmix feature provides variety of photo frame options, for making pic collages.

    4. Frame ratio
    The pic frame ratio feature enables us to set the length and width of the photo frame. The pic frame ratio feature provides us a number of options for setting the pic frame ratio.

    5. Photo editor
    The adjustable border feature enables us to set the width of the frame border. The colour and pattern of the frame border can also be set using the photo editing feature. Try out different patterns and colours, for the frame border, to make it look beautiful.

    6. Frame adjustment
    Adjust images, within a photo frame, for making some unique photo collages.

    6. Add a text
    Using the text option of this collage maker you can add a text of different fonts, sizes and colours to the photo collage.

    7. Add a sticker
    Add some mesmerising stickers, to the photo collage, using the sticker option

    8. Supports plenty of photo effects, there are around 50 photo effects

    9. Pinch zoom support for images.

    10. Save to SD card.

    11. Share to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Gmail etc.

    Instant pic frames is one of the best photo collage editor. Download this top photo collage editor, for free, for creation of some amazing pic collages like never before.

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