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    You can keep stories and photos which were taken by Android phone and your own camera . You can make several labels which will separate your photos according to your wiliness and keep your photos at the isceneshop server without using any memory at your Android phone forever.
    You can see any photos and stories which were taken around you or chosen by your plugging people which locate around the world without any payment, can write comments under any photo, can recommend any photo, and can point out your favorite photos.
    At any location in the world, you can see photos and stories near you, and can approach that place based on the map service. We will sell cyber advertisement space which has 1km around from the core which will be a very effect advertisement tool.
    On Isceneshop web(, you can use several additional functions such Communication, advertisement upload, and full memory size photo upload under 5Mbyte.

    This App is free.

    ★ Explanation for the App Space

    1. Photo upload
    - First, you can take photos by Android phone, write a title, designate a label, add any story, and upload it.
    - Second, you can select any photo from your Android phone photo apps, write a title, designate a label, add any story, and upload it.
    - Third, you can upload full photos and story at the web.

    2. Near me
    - You can see any photo near you which have 5 step, from very near to very far.
    - You can write comments under any photo and recommend it to others.

    3. My Album
    - You can see all the photos which were taken by yourself.
    - You can edit any photo about location, story, label, and title.

    4. Plugs
    - Plugged mean anyone who plug you, and Plugging means whom you plug.
    -If you push any Plugged or Plugging, you can see all the photos which were taken by Plugging or Plugged.

    5. Setting
    - Boundary Setting means the boundary of near me.
    - Profile Setting includes Profile Photo, Name, Introduction, and Sex.
    - Advertisement Setting introduce Isceneshop Advertisement Page. You can App or Web advertisement page when you want to advertise anything.
    - Introduction to the

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