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    You have scattered digital photos, and a busy life. Ivy Gallery is an app that's setting out to organize a life's worth of digital photos - from a lifetime to a timeline. Ivy pulls your photos from everywhere they're stored - Dropbox, Box, Instagram and many other services, as well as your mobile device — and drops them onto simple and easy to use timeline, where they are magically organized into Events, artistically collaged, and can be privately shared with selected friends.

    ✓ "BEST GALLERY APP EVER! I love this."
    ✓ "Wonderful concept and much, much better than any other cloud-based gallery out there!"
    ✓ "Just what one needed to share millions of archived and forgotten photos in a smart way!"
    ✓ "…much better way to access Dropbox presents them in a beautiful and intuitive way!"
    —Reviews from Beta (previously named Phostalgia) users

    ☆ All in one. All your photos, from Dropbox / Box / Instagram / Picasa / Flickr / SkyDrive / Google Drive, local device, plus photos from friends, into one timeline.
    ☆ Smart. Photos magically organized into Events.
    ☆ Artistic. Photos laid out not in grids, but in collages.

    Photos on local device
    • Even without an account or Internet access, you can still use Ivy to view and organize local photos, without the need to upload them.
    • Your local photos stay local and private. We won't upload, share or post them without your permission.

    Photos on Dropbox / Box / Instagram / Picasa / Flickr / SkyDrive / Google Drive
    • Ivy server pulls photos from your Dropbox / Box / Instagram / Picasa / Flickr / SkyDrive / Google Drive, and then serves the photos to Ivy Gallery at device-optimized size. This way:
    - Consumes much less mobile data;
    - Launches faster, for only need to contact Ivy server rather than all services;
    - Has smaller footprint, for we can support more services without adding much code to the gallery.
    • Photos stay private. We won't share/post them without your permission.
    • Soon to support Facebook, Instagram, Flickr and more.

    Photos from friends
    • New in v1.3! Instantly save shared photos to your Cloud Storages, at ORIGINAL resolution.
    • Create a Share and add/invite selected Members. Members add their photos in, for each other to view, download (at original resolution) and comment on.
    • Not only from Ivy Gallery, but also from Ivy website, can Members view and contribute photos.
    • Non-registered (but invited with a secret link) Members can still view photos on Ivy website.
    • iPhone friends and friends on other platforms, all together. No more nagging friends to send you photos. No more taking the same group photo on multiple phones.

    - Free and ad-free, all-in-one gallery.
    - Smart photo manager. Automatically or manually organizing photos into events.
    - Elegant photo browser. Artistically collaging photo thumbnails and smoothly scrolling through them.
    - Elastic photo sharing. Privately sharing selected photos with selected Members who shared the moment.
    - Battery and mobile data friendly, with 1) advanced caching and on-demand requesting techniques 2) serving photos to the gallery at device-optimized size.
    - Gallery running in offline mode on local photos and local cached data.
    - Gallery running in guest mode (without a registered account) as a local gallery to browse/view/organize/manage local photos.
    - Selecting (tap-and-hold supported) and operating on multiple photos at a time.
    - Linking unlimited number of Dropbox / Box / Instagram / Picasa / Flickr / SkyDrive / Google Drive accounts.
    - Specifying folders/albums to pull from Dropbox / Box / Instagram / Picasa / Flickr / SkyDrive / Google Drive.
    - Showing your favorite photos on the gallery cover, and hiding the rest instead of deleting them.
    - Matching registered Members with your Contacts and Facebook friends (with your permission).
    - Messaging/commenting in Shares.
    - Viewing and contributing shared photos on Ivy website, as well as on Ivy Gallery.

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