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    KMLZ to Earth Pro allows you to view KML and KMZ files on your Android device using Google Earth without advertising!

    If you are unable to view a KML or KMZ file or attachment in Google Earth, then this may be the app that you need!

    KMLZ to Earth Pro allows you to browse through your local files to select a KML or KMZ file to display in Google Earth. It also allows you to view your saved email attachments in Google Earth.

    In the Explorer activity, if you browse to a directory containing images with location information you can also:
    * Tap the file icon to view the photo closely
    * Tap the file name to create a KMZ file
    * Tap "View images to create KMZ" to create a KMZ file with the locations and images from multiple photos

    In your email application, save the KML or KMZ file, and then tap it again to choose to view it with KMLZ to Earth Pro.

    Since Google Earth for Android doesn't seem to have published limits on file sizes, your success with files larger than 4MB may vary. Large files cause Google Earth to to load slowly, or if they are too large, not display them entirely. If this occurs, try to reduce the size of the images used or the number of images selected to create smaller KMZ files. 

    The size of the images shown in Google Earth decreases progressively as the total size of images are selected, in order to try to keep the total file size small enough to view on Google Earth for Android.

    When creating a KMZ file, each image containing location information is shown as a thumbnail, along with the image name, time taken, resolution and size. Thumbnails can be tapped for a larger preview of the image. All, none, or individual files can be selected to create a KMZ file from images in one directory.


    File names must end in ".jpg", ".kml", ".kmz" to be visible to view in KMLZ to Earth Pro, and capitalization does not matter.

    Files that you select to view are copied to the "Home" directory, typically /mnt/sdcard/kmlz. WARNING! Any file that does not end in ".kml" or ".kmz" will be deleted automatically from this directory, or when you choose to use Menu, Clear Home, and confirm.

    The Home button will take you quickly to the /mnt/sdcard/kmlz directory (or a similar path) to see which files you have previously viewed, and view them again.

    This app can't be set as default for any action, if you try, then it will reset itself. This ensures you the choice of action always and prevents a possible undesirable loop.

    If experiencing problems with Google Earth, use the Menu, Manage Earth, and either Force Stop, Clear Data, or Clear Cache. Clear Cache is very helpful to get accurate results if you are testing the same file name multiple times.

    Likewise, if experiencing problems with KMLZ to Earth, use the Menu, Manage KMLZ, and either Force Stop, Clear Data, or Clear Cache.

    This application runs a web server on your device at http://localhost:8001/ to serve pages from it's "Home" directory to Google Earth. In order to do this, it will have a running process in the background. A notification will be issued to remind you that this process is running. If you view the notification, then you can stop this background web server process. Also, from the application, pressing back will allow you to terminate the application and the background web server process.

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    Users comments for KMLZ to Earth Pro

    Julian Hernandez

    by Julian Hernandez

    Aug 16, 2017  |  "OK"

    I bought a clunker.

    Roger Rodrz.

    by Roger Rodrz.

    Mar 24, 2015  |  "Poor"

    come on! No updates since 2013. The app I'd dead.

    Luke Bingham

    by Luke Bingham

    Mar 12, 2014  |  "Good"

    The program loads KMZ & KML and allows you to view them. But it's ability to place your position on the map is way off and it won't track you live. You have to go to the menu and pick 'locate me' and then it puts you somewhere within a mile of the map. Also, you can't create new maps. Not what i was looking for.

    Leonid Chursin

    by Leonid Chursin

    Feb 08, 2014  |  "Awesome"

    You made my day!

    John Bell

    by John Bell

    Jan 31, 2013  |  "Awesome"

    I can download and open kmz files on my iPad and Gingerbread Android phone, but they will not open on my Jelly Bean Nexus 7. I haven't had the time to investigate the reason, but with this app provided a quick and effective solution. I can now open the kmz files on the Nexus 7. I am not sure that I needed the pro version, but it's the least that I can do since this solved my problem so quickly and