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    Light meters are used in photography for calculating the correct exposure.
    So with this app you can use your phone camera as a light meter.

    LightMeter's reflected light meter only works with devices that are able to save exposure to exif. Incident light meter works on any device but...

    Be advised that the precission and quality of this and all phone light meters are limited by the device itself. I recommend using the reflected light option, the precission can be really good. There is no gingerbread ad-version at this time.


    -Better performance than LightMeter Free
    -State and ISO recall on resume
    -Incident light metering (needs light sensor)
    -Reflected light metering (needs camera, only a few are compatible)
    -Spot measure if camera has zoom
    -Support for all screens, including extra high resolution.

    Thanks for your support

    If you need help email me at (Spanish and English)

    Known Compatibility list:

    Galaxy SIII Incident: 121240 lux (OK!) reflected:YES
    Galaxy SII Incident: 3000 lux reflected:YES
    Galaxy Note Incident: 3000 lux reflected:YES
    HTC Sensation Incident: 10240 lux reflected:NO
    Nexus 4 Incident: 10000 lux reflected:NO
    Asus TF300TG Incident: 100000 lux (OK!) reflected:NO
    Kyocera HydroC5170 Incident 900 lux reflected: YES
    Samsung MP(GT-I9105P) Incident 16000 lux reflected:?
    LG-LS840 Incident:100000 lux (OK) reflected:YES
    Motorola MB886 Incident:27000 lux reflected:NO
    Galaxy Nexus Incident: 646239 lux (OK!) reflected:YES
    Galaxy Tab 7.7 Incident: 3000 lux reflected:YES
    Acer A500 Incident: 100000 lux (Ok) reflected:YES
    GalaxyTab 2 10.1 Incident: NO reflected: YES
    SEMC LT22i Incident: 50000 lux reflected: YES

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