Motiongraph for Xperia




    Motiongraph for Xperia is a smartphone app that creates unusual images, in which part of the image moves like a video.
    Amaze your friends with these unique images that are limited only by your imagination.
    Motiongraph for Xperia allows you to create your image in three simple and intuitive steps:
    1. Shoot: Tap a button to record a video about 2 seconds in length.
    2. Edit : Swipe across the screen to define the areas that you want to move or stay still.
    3. Save : Tap a button again to save your work, and you\'re done!
    Editing features to fine-tune your image.
    Motiongraph for Xperia has a range of features to enhance your control of images and to improve picture quality:
    -Adjust camera settings such as focus, white balance, and exposure.
    -Reduce jitter caused by moving camera using Sony\'s image stabilization technology.
    -Specify the start point (In point) and end point (Out point) for the moving part of the image.
    -Adjust playback speed and control the smoothness of playback.

    PS: Please note that “Motiongraph for Xperia” will not support Android M. The application will be closed down soon. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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