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    Sunsets, rainbows, waterfalls or flowers: Look at your device and start dreaming: "Watching my phone is like taking a short trip outdoor enjoying the beauty of nature and coming back totally relaxed. What a beautiful daydream!" These are the words of one of our beta testers! This gave the app the name “nature daydream” by the way. ;-)

    View included images here:
    Much more images will be added in near future if people like the app. Please rate the app or send us a mail to and tell us what you think about it! Do you like it, are you missing something?!

    The most wonderful places / things on earth are shown in a slideshow with beautiful animations and HD quality images.... Amazing pictures of sunsets, breath taking rainbows, impressive waterfalls, or flowers: This is no simple slide show. You can chose among different image transitions and customize how images are presented to you.

    More user opinions
    "This is a wonderful reminder to enjoy life and be aware of the beauty that surrounds us!"
    "Just beautiful without being trashy".
    “Extremely impressive colors – God must love them!”.
    "Nature in all her amazing beauty. Makes lust for instant outdoor sessions!".
    "This is more than a wallpaper, this is an experience, a therapy, a short vacation far away from stress and daily life…"
    "I cannot believe that most of these places are right inside USA. Time to make a longer journey….. I think I have missed the best until now."
    "This app is dangerous. It’s hypnotic. I can dream away and come back after hours…."
    "It is so relaxing sometimes during work is like breaking out and run away."
    "Sometimes I am in a bad mood, then I watch my phone and suddenly I smile….."
    "Sometimes I forget everything around me and it reminds me to slow down and take a closer look on things around me"
    “Beautiful and simple as nature itself I don’t need more to become happy…..”

    ❤The FREE version is fully functional and comes with some HD images preinstalled. Additionally you can download THREE favourite HD themes of your choice. All optical effects work in the free version.
    ❤The PRO version is ad free and you can download the entire HD themes selection and all new images (next year & future) for your entire lifetime!
    ❤QUALITY: If you think the app is not good, you can provide a one star rating of course. Provide an explanation and we will try to get better. We are interested in what you think:
    ❤GREED & MAMMONISM: If you rate it one star, because you don’t get ALL HD images for free: We use 80% licensed images to provide premium themes. We had to pay for them. If you’re too greedy to spend 99 cents, or if you think a developer should not be paid at the end of the month then please stay away from our apps. Nobody forces you to use it and tell your boss, that you will work for free from now on too!
    ❤BUGS: We will answer each support request to and try to fix your issue. We will for sure NOT react on error descriptions in a one star rating comment.
    ❀ Many great looking colourful HD tablet tested wallpaper theme
    ❤ Configurable Glitter & Sparkle overlay effect
    ✿ Configurable image transition types
    ❤ Configurable Glitter trail on touch
    ❀ Battery and performance optimized but -->
    ✿ Battery saver option (automatically deactivate Live Wallpaper if power falls below threshold)

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