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    Pets: Pics of your Cat or Dog

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    Is your cat the cutest? Is your dog the most entertaining? Take a picture of your cat, dog or any other pet, and share it instantly on the social network for your pets!

    ★★★ The best social network for your pets ★★★

    Vote and comment on the most beautiful or funniest pictures.
    Every day, find the best pictures of your pets and those of your friends!

    ✓ Send pictures of your pet via Piicpets.
    ✓ Find the best pet pictures of the day on the home page
    ✓ Add friends and find pictures of their pets in real time
    ✓ Rate and comment on the best images and those of your friends
    ✓ Discover thousands of images!

    ★ Categories ★

    ✓ Mammals, cow, yak, zebu, buffalo, goat, sheep

    ✓ Dromedary camel, llama, (deer: reindeer)

    ✓ Horse/Horses: Donkey, Pony, Mare,

    ✓ Pork: Pig, farm

    ✓ Dog: Puppy, Saint Bernard, Dalmatian, German Shepherd, Labrador ...

    ✓ Chat: Picture of kitten and cat

    ✓ Leporidae: Rabbit, bunny,

    ✓ Muridae: Mouse, rat, hamster, gerbil, squirrel, rodent, guinea pig

    ✓ Cavidé: Guinea pig / Pig
    ✓ Birds: Swan, geese, duck, canary

    ✓ Fish: Carp, trout

    ✓ Insects: Bee

    ✓ NP: New Pets like snakes, reptiles and spider

    ★ Definition ★

    ✓ What is a "Pet? "
    A domestic animal or pet is an animal belonging to a species which has endured a continued and constant selection pressure (i.e., it has been tamed). In turn, this allowed the formation of a group of animals that acquired heritable, genetically stable traits." In fact, this definition is deducted from the Environmental Code, which states the opposite for non-domestic animals.

    ✓ Domesticated cat
    The domestic cat (Felis silvestris catus) is a carnivorous mammal of the Felidae family. It is one of the most popular pets and boasts fifty different breeds, as recognized by certification bodies. In many countries, cats fall under the legislation on domestic carnivores, like dogs and ferrets.

    ✓ Domesticated dog
    The dog (Canis lupus familiaris) is a domestic subspecies of Canis lupus, a mammal of the Canidae family (Canidae), which also includes the gray wolf, wild ancestor of the dog, and the dingo, a domestic dog that run wild. The dog was the first animal species to be domesticated by humans for hunting purposes in Paleolithic's human society, which did not master agriculture or animal husbandry at the time.

    ✓ Horse
    The horse (Equus ferus caballus of Equus caballus) is a large, herbivorous and uncloven-hoof mammal, which belongs to the species of the Equidae family (Equidae). Over the past 45 to 55 million years, it evolved from a mammal the size of a dog with multiple fingers. In their natural state, horses live in small groups, usually led by a single stallion.

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