Photo Frame for You

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    This is photo frame appli that photo(picture) file and BGM(music) file can be playbacked simultaneously.

    [ Feature ]
    1. Photo effect: Gray scale, Sepiatone and others. change transparency of photo.
    2. change screen size, change slide show interval of time.
    3. display basic information of JPEG EXIF.
    4. Visualizer, Equalizer.
    5. display photo list and BGM list

    [ Access Permission ]

    Hardware control

    * Reason: Record permission is neccesary for visualizer feature.

    [ Support Picture Format ]

    jpeg, png, gif, bmp, webp (Android 4.0 or higher)

    [ Support Music File Format ]

    m4v, m4a, mp4, mp3, 3g2, 3gp, mid, midi, ogg, wav, aac

    * Even file formats that support , the codec used to compress the file may not play.

    * There is the manual of English version.

    [ How to Use (basic) ]

    < Playback Screen >

    * Red buttons is for BGM,、White buttons is for photo、skyblue button open the "Settings" screen.

    1. tap "Open BGM" button(musical note icon), select BGM file
    2. tap "Open Photo" button(camera icon)、select photo file
    3. tap "Play BGM" buttonを、start to playback BGM
    4. tap "Play Photo" button, start to slide show
    5. tap "Photo Information" button, display photo JPEG EXIF information
    6. tap "BGM List" button, display BGM list
    7. tap "Photo List" button, display photo list

    * long tap "Prev" button, move to first, long tap "Next" button, move to last
    * long tap "Settings" button, open the Equalizer setting screen

    < Settings Screen >
    On "Settings" screen, you can change various settings. Please try a lot.
    If you want to return to the default setting, run the "Clear data" on appli setting of Android.

    [ Notes ]

    This appli specification is the following. Please note.

    1. While running slideshow, change screen to portrait or landscape, slideshow will be suspended.
    2. While running slideshow, tap "Open BGM" button or tap "Open Picture" button, tap "Settings" button, slideshow will be suspended.
    3. While playback BGM, change screen to portrait or landscape, playback will be suspended.
    3. While playback BGM, tap "Open BGM" button, playback will be suspended.

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