Photoshop CS5 104 Camera Raw 6

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    Photoshop CS5 104 Camera Raw 6

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    Take your raw photo editing skills to the next level: master Adobe Camera Raw 6 -and the best features of Bridge C5- from a seasoned photographer!

    In this concise tutorial, veteran photographer and author Dan Moughamian shows you everything you need to know to confidently use ACR 6 and Bridge CS5 to precisely adjust your RAW photos and manage your photo library.

    First, delve into the fundamentals of raw photo editing with ACR 6. Start by cropping and straightening your images, quickly remove dust and lens spots, and create localized edits with the powerful Adjustment Brush. You’ll also explore advanced raw editing techniques with the Tone Curve, Details panel and HSL, as well as split-toning, lens correction, synchronized edits, and more. Moughamian shows you the finer points of raw adjustments, like professional tricks for sharpening images more efficiently, adding a subtle film grain effect, or finding the sweet spot when adjusting global contrast.

    When it’s time to organize your photos, Moughamian shows you pro techniques for optimizing the Bridge CS5 workspace and using its most powerful features, so that you can quickly categorize and find the files you need. Learn to show only the images you need with the Filter panel, compare similar image details with the Loupe tool, and other pro tips that will keep you ahead of the curve.

    The tutorial covers the best new features in CS5, including the amazingly efficient Mini-Bridge panel in Photoshop. A detailed and humorous trainer, Moughamian shares the professional workflows that photographers use to manage and correct large libraries of raw images.

    Table of contents:

    1. Welcome
    2. Overview: Tone & Color Controls
    3. Overview: Image Corrections
    4. User Interface at a Glance
    5. Understanding the Preferences
    6. Zoom and Pan Controls
    7. Crop & Straighten Tools
    8. Setting the White Balance
    9. Spot Removal Tool
    10. White Balance, Temperature & Tint
    11. Exposure, Recovery, Blacks, Fill Light
    12. Brightness and Contrast
    13. Clarity, Vibrance, Saturation
    14. Parametric & Targeted Curve Adjustments
    15. Adjustment Brush
    16. Graduated Filter
    17. Capture Sharpening
    18. Noise Reduction
    19. Modifying Hue, Saturation and Luminance
    20. Creating Black & White Photos
    21. Creating Split-Toned Black & White Photos
    22. Adding a Film Grain Look
    23. Using Profiled Lens Corrections
    24. Creating Manual Lens Corrections
    25. Synchronizing Edits
    26. Creating Presets
    27. Creating Snapshots
    28. Workflow Options
    29. Save (Export) Images
    30. Customizing the Bridge UI for Photography
    31. Importing with Photo Downloader
    32. Navigating with Favorites & the Path Bar
    33. Evaluating Photos Side-by-Side with the Loupe
    34. Ranking & Labeling Your Images
    35. Using Keywords and Basic Searches
    36. Using the Filter panel
    37. Grouping Photos with Smart Collections
    38. Metadata panel Overview
    39. Accessing Photoshop Tools
    40. Closing

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