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    Photoshop CS5 406

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    Watch as Mark Stope walks you through Photoshop's many Custom Brush controls & learn how to create various types of 'Grunge' brushes to make stunning textures for your next drawing or rendering.

    Push your drawing and design tools beyond the stock pack of brushes and to the next level by learning how customize them to do your bidding! Our Resident Film and Television concept artist Mark Stope is back at it again with his next tutorial series "Custom Brush Controls & Grunge Brush Creation".

    Photoshop provides many options to change the appearance of it's stock brushes, but also allows for the creation of Custom brushes. Custom brushes are probably one of the coolest yet most under utilized tools in PS, so in this tutorial series we'll not only explore how these custom brush controls work, but also show you how to create killer texture-building brushes commonly known as Grunge brushes. Next, we'll spend some time working with our grunge brushes and explore techniques to build awesome textures.

    Table of contents:

    1. Introduction
    2. Size and Bristol Brush Controls
    3. Using Axis Flips
    4. Adjusting Brush Angle and Roundness
    5. Adjusting Hardness
    6. Brush Spacing
    7. Adjusting Size Jitter
    8. Adjusting Minimum Brush Diameter
    9. Pen Tilt Controls
    10. Angle Jitter Controls
    11. Adjusting Brush Roundness
    12. Flip X and Y Jitter Controls
    13. Scatter Controls
    14. Texture Controls
    15. Using Dual Brush
    16. Using Color Dynamics
    17. Transfer Controls
    18. Adding Brush Noise
    19. Wet Edges Controls
    20. Airbrush Mode
    21. Using Smoothing
    22. Protect Textures checkbox
    23. Finding Good Grunge
    24. Creating Grunge Fill Brushes
    25. Creating Directional Grunge Brushes
    26. Creating Detail Grunge Brushes
    27. Creating Repetitive Grunge Patterns
    28. Creating Scratches from Photographic Textures
    29. Building Negative Space Scratches and Scrapes Brush...
    30. Using Grunge Brushes to Build Textures - Part 1
    32. Using Grunge Brushes to Build Textures - Part 2

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