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    Photoshop CS6 - RAW & ACR7

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    With more and more cameras able to capture uncompressed, raw digital image formats, photographers need to know how to optimize and manage their photos before even bringing them into Photoshop. In this 2.5 hour course, expert photographer and educator Dan Moughamian shows you how, with Adobe Camera Raw 7...

    Dan first introduces the ACR software environment, including tips for opening photos with Mini Bridge and setting preferences and defaults. He then demonstrates core raw processing skills, such as non-destructive cropping and straightening, tone-mapping and reading the Histogram, and understanding the importance of Process Versions.

    Next, Dan takes you beyond the “broad strokes” into more advanced image editing using the Detail Panel. He then shows you how to quickly and easily make lens corrections using Adobe’s growing library of camera profiles. Even if your camera isn’t in the Adobe library, Dan’s pro advice will give you the knowledge you will need to make these expert, custom adjustments yourself.

    Dan tops it all off by giving you an incredibly useful series of creativity and efficiency tips that will help you give all your photos that eye-catching, award-winning edge! His thorough coverage, as well as his beautiful photographic examples, will both inspire you and bolster your confidence as you take your photos to the next level... whether that means Photoshop, or beyond!

    Table of contents:

    1. Welcome
    2. A Few Words on ACR and Raw Files
    3. Window Layout
    4. Quick Browse Tips with MiniBridge
    5. ACR Workflow Options
    6. ACR Preferences
    7. Previewing & Undoing Changes
    8. Zoom and Pan Options
    9. Rotating Incorrectly Oriented Photos
    10. Using the Crop Tool
    11. Straightening Photos
    12. Histogram Overview
    13. A Brief Explanation of Tone Mapping
    14. Understanding ACR Process Versions
    15. ACR Default Settings vs. Custom Settings vs. Image ...
    16. Loading Custom Presets and Custom Defaults
    17. Setting the White Balance and Tint
    18. Basic Panel: Exposure and Contrast
    19. Basic Panel: Highlights, Shadows and Clipping Previ...
    20. Basic Panel: Blacks and Whites
    21. Basic Panel: Clarity
    22. Basic Panel: Vibrance & Saturation
    23. Contrast Options Defined
    24. How Parametric Curves Work
    25. Parametric Curves in Action
    26. How Point Curves Work
    27. Point Curves in Action
    28. Spot Removal
    29. Detail Panel: Sharpen Controls
    30. Detail Panel: Noise Reduction Explained
    31. Detail Panel: Noise Reduction Demo
    32. Lens Correction: Profile Corrections
    33. Lens Correction: Chromatic Aberration
    34. Lens Correction: Manual Transforms
    35. HSL Panel: Targeted Color Adjustments
    36. Adjustment Brush: Overview
    37. Adjustment Brush: Applying a Mask
    38. Adjustment Brush: Applying Corrections to the Photo
    39. Using the Graduated Filter
    40. Creating a Black & White Photo with HSL
    41. Color Toning with the Split Toning Panel
    42. Simulated Film Grain Effects
    43. Post-Crop Vignette Effects
    44. Using the Snapshots Panel
    45. Synchronizing Edits Across Multiple Pictures
    46. Using the Presets Panel
    47. Opening Photos into Photoshop as Smart Objects
    48. Batch-Saving Multiple Files
    49. Closing

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