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    Photo slide show for DropShots users. Get your own free account. Try this app out with our online birds gallery, use "cynosurex" as user name. No password is needed for this app!

    This PhotoSlide app turns your Android device (phone, tablet, etc.) into a digital photo frame. It showcases the recents photos in your DropShots account. If you don't have a DropShots account, you can easily get one at for free.

    With this app, it is quick and easy to show off your photos. Exhibit your slideshow at home, at work, or on the go. Easily upload and manage your photos online at DropShots, then have them downloaded automatically and displayed via this PhotoSlide app.

    Have fun sharing your favorite snapshots, photographic portfolio, and precious memory. New photos will show up automatically on your Android device as you add/change them online, guaranteed. You, your family, and your friends will love the results and remember the good times.

    Download this app now. Build a healthy bond with your loved ones by sharing your pictures.

    While this app is running, your Android device will stay awake to display the photo slideshow as a digital photo frame.


    Change Interval - Allows you to change how long the app displays a photo before rotating to show the next photo.

    User Name - Allows you to change the user name of the gallery you want to play as slideshow. Use the user name of your DropShots online account. If you don't have a free DropShots account yet, try ours: "cynosurex" (without the double-quotes).

    Menu Options:

    Preferences - Brings up the preferences selection so that you can change the photograph display interval and the DropShots user account.

    Share - Lets you tell your family and friends about this PhotoSlide app. In the future, this function will be upgraded to let you share the photo you are currently viewing.

    About - Display detailed information about this app, such as the version number.

    Quit - Shuts down this app completely.

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