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    "PhotoStand+" is PhotoFrame to user more enjoyed by your photos.

    You can choose Photos in your device, and auto-play the slideshow.
    it adjusts photos of different sizes and display to full screen automatically , so you can change your smartphone to PhotoFrame.
    It is recommended for those who want to watch your favorite photos slowly.

    In addition, there are widgets and live wallpaper feature.
    Widget feature can put a small PhotoFrame to the HomeScreen.
    Live wallpaper feature can view the photo on the background of the HomeScreen.
    Enjoy the freedom to customize the HomeScreen.

    Photo Frame and Live Wallpaper, Widget can choose a each photo files, you can use properly to suit your own needs and objectives.

    It will also be the opportunity to organize your taken photos.
    Enjoy PhotoLife while always watch favorite photos.

    < Main Function >
    - Image Selection Function
    You can select an image from the photo folder within SD card in the device.In addition you can "AllSelect" the photos in the folder, you can also choose to select one by one. You can select not only photos taken with a standard camera application, but also various image contained in the SD card.

    - Change Time Setting
    You can set the time the image is changed. You can choose from among 1sec/3sec/5sec/10sec/30sec/1min.

    - Effect Function
    You can select the effect(Overlap/CrossFade/Rotation/Slide) for changing to next images.

    - Random Function
    You will be able to shuffle the photos selected from photo folder. In short can random play.

    - Timer Function
     You can set the screen timeout when using the photo frame. You can choose from among 5min/10min/30min/1h/2h/Off. In addition, when you exit the app, you will return to normal screen timeout.

    < Example to Use >
    - At any time to see the photos of precious family and friends.
    - To commemoration of happy memories.
    - You want to decorate the HomeScreen with favorite images.
    - To organize many photo taken with a SmartPhone.

    < Supported OS >
    Android OS version 2.2 or higher (Except for the tablet).

    < Validated Models >
    Galaxy Nexus SC-04D
    Xperia acro IS11S
    HTC Desire SoftBank X06HTII

    <Terms of Use >
    This application handles photo images and thus uses a large amount of memory.
    In some devices where the available memory is low, this application may run out of memory whilst processing the photos and may be unable to continue or images may be temporarily displayed coarse.

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