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    Published: 2014-03-26, by Ana Gracia.

    Customize your pictures with scary spirits

    • Great and creepy results
    • Curious idea
    • Design and performance could be better

    "Who's that in the picture?"

    Poltergram is a strange and funny application that works as a "ghost detector" and a camera.

    How does it work? Simply take pictures and see how spirits appear in the photo, perfect for using as a prank. The result is undoubtedly curious and cute in a creepy way.

    Although it works a bit slowly, the app is fun to use with friends and family and provides a nice entertainment for a while. Design isn't perfect and could be enhanced, but ghost and spirits are pretty well-designed.

    Faulty Olive is the developer of Poltergram, an original app for fans of horror applications with a sense of humour.

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    by Anna , Appszoom

    Mar 26, 2014


    Poltergram is a ghost detector camera application.
    You can take pictures of your friends and see spirits interacting with them.
    Use it to prank your friends or to add a scary touch to your photos.
    Perfect for April fools, Carnival and Halloween!

    ● Instagram meet Poltergeist plus more ●

    It can detect:
    ★ Spirits
    ★ Ghosts
    ★ Mummies
    ★ Dead people and murders
    ★ Vampires
    ★ Zombies .. and more to come.
    The results are photos with dead people and ghostly artifacts that are all around all of us.

    Not yet another ghost camera app?

    Poltergram is unique from most (if not all) other ghost detector apps because the photo composition and ghost placement is all done "automagically". You don't have to manually choose ghosts and position them.. it all just happen nicely.
    • Uses artificial intelligence (genetic algorithms) to compose a photo, insert ghosts and manage it with people in the picture to make sense.
    • Uses facial recognition to understand how to best use people in the photos.
    • Also, can work with people-less photos and compose a photo with amazing composition and great results.


    • Scan even more ghosts (asap);
    • Better UI (select, multiselect with photo batch operations - for now use Android gallery);
    • Integration with Facebook and Google Photos;
    • Create you own ghosts (an editor to create ghosts taking photos);


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    Have fun!

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