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    *******Find your moments photos within seconds*****
    Have you ever wasted all the time looking for that one last year anniversary picture? You phone is full of pictures that it is so hard to find that photo you took with your friends eating Sushi?

    Photo finder is the solution. A must have app for every photo/picture taker! In a nutshell, you give your picture a title/label that first comes to mind. Stats shows that when you will likely think of the same word when you look for it. Here is how it works:

    You are out on your bike and you saw beautiful ducks. You decide to take a picture of them:
    1- Take a picture, Photo Finder will prompt you for a one word title to give
    2- Type the word Ducks and save it
    3- One month later, you want to show your friend that picture. Open the app and Search Picture by putting the word Duck.
    4- Here you get the picture in a second :)

    This app has the following features:
    * Ability to Take picture from within the app and give a label (Works on all versions of Android)
    * Ability to give a label to a picture from you existing gallery.
    * Ability to list all the labels you gave and from there view their picture
    * Ability to have the app detects automatically when you take picture using the default camera app so you can give a label/title on the spot. You need to set it to enabled in the settings menu as it is disabled by default (On ICS and newer Androids only)

    *And offcourse, ability to search for a picture using a label

    If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me at

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