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    Bring the magic of Christmas into your home this holiday season with Santa Cam. This easy to use Christmas photo app gives you photographic evidence of Santa’s visit. Simply take a picture of a room, doorway or window in your home, choose a Santa image, place it and adjust it to the right size with your fingers and voila! Proof that St. Nicholas was in your house on Christmas Eve!

    Did you see Santa passing by a door, placing an ornament on your Christmas tree or putting a gift under it? Did you hear reindeer on the rooftops? Did they eat their magic corn on your lawn or look in one of your windows? Now, you can have a photographic record of it. Is there a little Christmas elf in your home? Make him visible with Santa Cam!

    Over 100 images that include Santa in a multitude of positions, reindeer, a Christmas elf and Christmas decorations. Once your image is finished save it, email it, or share it on Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Twitter, or Pinterest. One touch upload to Shutterfly makes it easy to turn your memories into magical holiday cards, invitations or gifts.

    This Christmas photo app, and the funny Santa pictures it creates, is sure to become a treasured memory maker and holiday tradition.

    The basic version is a free, so download it and try it today.

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