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    ShareSmart allows you to share photos easily while maintaining you privacy and bandwidth. You don't have to be reclusive just because you want some of your data to stay private! When you use Sharesmart for sharing a picture it will automatically remove all the private data in the photo (GPS location, phone make, date taken). As an added bonus it optionally allows you to reduce the photo size before sending, for those times when you have a narrow or limited bandwidth.

    As a privacy enhancing application, ShareSmartPro requires NO PERMISSIONS. ShareSmart free requires only Internet access for serving ads.


    * Use in 3 different ways - See website for details
    * See a nice photo in the Gallery or other app? Share it and choose ShareSmart from the "Share" menu
    * Writing or replying to an email? When choosing attachments choose ShareSmart to pick an existing photo or shoot a new one!
    * Or just fire up ShareSmart to pick an existing photo or shoot a new one and then share it.
    * Always removes private data from photo
    * Optionally resize photo to save bandwidth
    * Pro version is reasonably priced and requires no permissions
    * Free version is ad-supported and only requires Internet access for serving ads

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