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    Silent Camera Pro (No sound)

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    Silent Camera (SilentCam) is a powerful camera! You can now take picture easily with Camera+ and share them to Facebook, Google+, Twitter and other social networks!

    Have you ever been in a situation or place where you wanted to take an image of someone or something but didn’t want to be seen doing it? Well, we have developed one for the Android OS called Silent Camera.
    Silent Camera is a hidden spy camera app which lets you hide the camera activity on your phone so nobody will be able to tell when you are snapping sneaky pictures in a private place for example or just spying on a friend, partner or stranger!
    The app itself is very intuitive and easy to use you simply pick an image to display on the screen to hide the camera activity whilst the photos are being taken and turn the shutter sound off so you don’t give yourself away then tap the screen to start stalking. The camera will continue to take snaps until you tap the screen again and it really is as simple as that.

    Have you been caught in the act? If you’ve ever been left looking like a stalker when trying to take a sneaky photo of someone, you need this app!

    Fast and inconspicuous, Silent Camera lets you secretly capture your tube or bus crush with its super-discreet camera.

    Silent Camera is easy to operate without being noticed: just two taps and you can start the camera and leave it to continuously take photos. There’s even a special feature that will disguise the screen as an innocent phone call or your media player; perfect if you’re in a queue and someone’s being nosy over your shoulder.

    • Takes photos instantly and discreetly
    • Hidden screen so nobody knows what you are up to
    • Super-fast loading
    • Highest quality photos possible
    • Instantly share the moment to your social networks and email
    • Brilliant for sleuth-like stitch-ups and candid creativity

    Disclaimer: this app has the potential to be seriously sneaky – please don’t use it for real surveillance purposes unless you are actually James Bond!

    - Face detection
    - Zoom
    - Geo Tagging (GPS location)
    - Silent mode (no click or shutter sound)
    - Color modes
    - Instance picture review
    - Focus modes:
    Auto focus
    - Flash modes:
    Auto flash
    Flash on
    Flash off
    - Support App2SD (App to SD)
    - Optimize for Android 2.2.x Froyo, 2.3.x Gingerbread, 3.x Honeycomb, 4.x Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS), 4.1, 4.2 Jelly Bean (JB)

    - Support multiple devices like:
    Google Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, Nexus 7, Nexus 10
    Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, Note
    Motorola Razr Series
    HTC One
    Sony Xperia P, TX

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