You might be embarrassed about the sound of auto focus, "zing~", or of camera shutter, "click", whenever you tried to take a photo in a silent place.


    You can take the book cover photo at the book store.
    You can take some pages of book in the library.
    You can take a nice scene in the quite place without bothering others.

    With "Silent Camera".

    Silent Camera provides following functions.

    It has Auto Focus function so you can take clear photo.
    It has screen touch shutter function. In other words, you can take picture by touching the screen.
    It has a button which directly links to the Gallery app.
    It has fake screen function so other people don't know if you are trying to take a picture.
    It has touch sound on/off function. Touching screen or button can cause default sound. You can enable/disable it.

    If your device has front-facing camera, you can secretly take your beautiful picture by yourself without sound.

    If you have additional requirement for this app, feel free to contact the developer.
    I will update as soon as I have some free time :)

    I hope you enjoy the life with "Silent Camera".

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