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    This application is made strictly & exclusively for the Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, S4 and Note 2!! It has been tested on all 4 devices and works exceedingly well on all 4. This application has the best 2 photo taking functions available from the previous Sneak-A-Pic applications.. the Proximity Sensor screen & the Black screen (a white screen version on test app).

    Sneak-A-Pic Galaxy Edition allows for completely discreet photos to be taken by activating this application on the Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch, as well as the Samsung Galaxy S3, the newest Samsung Galaxy S4 & the Samsung Galaxy Note 2! In Proximity Sensor mode, put your phone to your ear & pretend to make a phone call.. In Black screen mode, your phone seems to be off while you are taking photos. In each case your phone will vibrate to let you know that a photo has been taken & it's ready to take another. An option to see a small thumbnail image of the last photo taken is also available for both the Proximity Sensor & Black screen modes.

    Sneak-A-Pic Galaxy Edition emulates an Android phone's dialer page at start up. From this screen, 2 options will be available for taking discrete photographs. By tapping the black area above the dailer, a black screen pops up with hidden buttons to take photos. By tapping the call button, a screen pops up emulating a call in progress with an activated proximity sensor to take photos.

    Sneak-A-Pic Galaxy Test Edition will demonstrate that the application does work on your Galaxy S2, S3, S4 or Note 2. All screen colors are inverted on test app. Only the last photo taken is saved in your gallery (unless renamed prior to taking another photo).

    Try Sneak-A-Pic Galaxy Test for your Samsung S2, S3, S4 or Note 2 smartphone.. Then purchase Sneak-A-Pic Galaxy & start taking high quality, unlimited & discreet photos TODAY!!

    Please become familiar with the functions of this application & how to properly turn it off so that your phone's proximity sensor can return to normal use!!

    ★ This application works perfectly on the Sprint Samsung Galaxy Epic 4G Touch, T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3, AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 & a Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

    ★ Your device must have a rear facing camera.

    ★ Your device must have Google Maps installed.

    ★ All pics are 3264x2448 (8MP).. The only common photo size between all 4 Galaxy S(2-4) & Note 2 devices.

    ★ Permissions include Storage (adding photos), Hardware Controls (vibration, temporarily keeping your screen from rotating & taking photos.. Video is not supported) & System Tools (keeping your phone awake & making use of the Proximity Sensor while the application is in use).

    ★ This app does NOT connect to the internet & does NOT require your device to be Rooted!!

    ★ The Play Store says there are 1239 other devices this application could possibly work on, according to specific permissions & device features.. this is undoubtedly NOT the case!! If you decide to try out the "Test/Free" version for this application & it doesn't work, this app wasn't made for your phone!

    ★ Be mindful of the 15 minute window for refunds when purchasing full version!

    ★ If the application has been closed improperly & photos continue to be taken after the application has been closed, simply "Force Close" the application (This will end the application & reset the proximity sensor to normal).

    1. Phone Settings
    2. Applications Manager
    3. Sneak-A-Pic: Galaxy Test
    4. Force Close
    5. Select "Yes" & then exit..

    ★ Post your interesing pics at..

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