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    Have you ever been in a business meeting or attended a lecture & wanted to take a photograph of the presentation being made or the notes on the board? Have you ever been curious about who is watching you in a crowd? Have you ever wanted to take a photograph where it might be inappropriate to do so without drawing attention to yourself with a noisy shutter sound or bright flash? Well, look no further.. The Sneak-A-Pic line of apps are exactly what you've been looking for!

    Sneak-A-Pic: Proximity is an Android application for taking discrete photos without anyone being able to tell that you are taking them. This is achieved by displaying a static image with hidden buttons & your phone's Proximity Sensor.. One button activates the Proximity Sensor & another exits the application. A photo is taken by simply bringing the phone to your ear.

    Upon starting the Sneak-A-Pic: Proximity application, a screen that looks like the stock Jellybean dialer will pop up. By tapping the green "Call" button at the bottom & center of the screen you will activate your phone's Proximity Sensor. Holding your phone to your ear & standing still, as if you are making a phone call, will take a photo. When the photo has been taken your phone will vibrate. If you want to take another photo, move the phone from your ear & then put it back to your ear. The Proximity Sensor will stay activated & capable of taking photos until the "Delete" button in the bottom right is pressed.

    There will be no shutter sound or flash & photos are moved into a file named "Proximity_Sensor_Sneak_A_Pic" followed by the date & time the photo(s) were taken. The app may be a little slow in starting up, as it is temporarily adjusting your camera & phone settings. There will be a delay between each photo taken (approximately 2-4 seconds) to allow your camera to focus & take each pic, after which you will feel a vibration that indicates that a pic has been taken and it's ok to move or take another.

    ★ This application works perfectly on the Sprint Samsung Galaxy Epic 4G Touch & T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3.

    ★ Your device must have a rear facing camera.

    ★ Your device must have Google Maps installed.

    ★ All pics are 3264x2448 (8MP)

    ★ "Jellybean (4.2)" is not supported in this version because of changes made in certain permissions. This app should work on ICS 4.0+ through Jellybean 4.1.2!

    ★ Permissions include Storage (adding photos), Hardware Controls (vibration, temporarily keeping your screen from rotating & taking photos.. Video is not supported) & System Tools (keeping your phone awake & making use of the Proximity Sensor while the application is in use).

    ★ This app does NOT connect to the internet & does NOT require your device to be Rooted!!

    ★ The Play Store says there are 308 devices this application should work on, according to specific permissions & device features. This may not be the case, so please try out the "Test/Free" version for this application & be mindful of the 15 minute window for refunds!

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