Solar System Planet Atlas

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    Solar System Planet Atlas is picture book app of Solar System with more than 1,000 pictures and YouTube movies.

    The Solar System consists of the Sun and the astronomical objects gravitationally bound in orbit around it,
    all of which formed from the collapse of a giant molecular cloud approximately 4.6 billion years ago.

    The vast majority of the system's mass is in the Sun. Of the many objects that orbit the Sun, most of the mass is
    contained within eight relatively solitary planets whose orbits are almost circular and lie within a nearly flat disc
    called the ecliptic plane. The four smaller inner planets, Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars, also called the
    terrestrial planets, are primarily composed of rock and metal.

    The four outer planets, the gas giants, are substantially more massive than the terrestrials.
    The two largest, Jupiter and Saturn, are composed mainly of hydrogen and helium;
    the two outermost planets, Uranus and Neptune, are composed largely of ices, such as water, ammonia and methane,
    and are often referred to separately as "ice giants".

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