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    Published: 2014-03-12, by Janel.

    Send photos and text to your future self

    • Original concept
    • Works like it claims to
    • Can set delivery of image/note as a "surprise"
    • I can't imagine actually using this

    "Recursive insta-nostalgia ouroboros"

    Pang Labs' ThrowBack lets you send photos and notes to yourself.... in the future. It's like burying a time capsule in your backyard, but less dirt and earnestness.

    Seriously, when did nostalgia start trending? We're so addicted to the stuff that we'll create it on purpose. Capture a photo through ThrowBack and set when you'd like to receive it in your email, anywhere between 1 month to 5 years from the day you take it. The photo won't be saved to your device - making me wonder where exactly it is saved - and should wing itself your way... later. If you like, you can set the date as a surprise; there's also the option to send it to more than one address should you want to spread the saudade. You can also send images already saved to your device.

    It's a cute concept at the surface, and the app does exactly what it claims to do, so I can't disparage it too harshly. But honestly, I can't imagine anyone using this on a regular basis. You'd have to be cognizant in a given moment of the opportunity for a Potentially Nostalgic Experience worth capturing and winging forward in time, which just seems like a terribly empty way to go through life. What would be possibly interesting: automatic integration with the camera, sending ALL photos forward in time at random, or at least presenting you with the option to just ap "yes" every time you'd like to do so.

    If the idea intrigues you, go ahead and play with Pang Labs' ThrowBack - it's well made, and maybe you'll find it adds to the future more than it subtracts from the now.

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    by Janel , Appszoom

    Mar 12, 2014


    ThrowBack is a photography app that sends your photos to your future self. It captures a photograph but does not save it to your phone. Instead the photo is thrown into the future and emailed back to you at a random time, anywhere from 1 month to 5 years from the day the photo was taken. ThrowBack provides a unique opportunity to forget your photos so they can be remembered again.

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