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    Spy Shots!

    Don’t want others alerted by your photos? You’re an aspiring spy or just shy when it comes to photographing in public? Do you have friends that won’t let you take their picture?

    With Unseen Camera no one will realize that you’ve taken a photo. No preview, no shutter sound, no flash. Get a shot just by touching the screen, anywhere. With the latest version you can even record audio. And it’s FREE.

    • No shutter sound.
    • No preview of the photo taken.
    • No flash light.
    • NEW! Audio recording.
    • Dim screen so that the phone appears turned off. The Screen lock is deactivated.
    • NEW! Background images to replace the dim screen.
    • Exit the application through a simple gesture. Just trace the diagonal of the screen. For right and left handed people.
    • Vibrates after successfully saving the photo.
    • Hide the photos taken in Gallery.
    • Lock the phone after exit.
    • Customize the camera parameters.

    • <> One tap to take a photo.
    • / or \ Trace the screen diagonal to quickly exit the application. You can also use the Home and Back keys.
    • <-- or --> Slide to the left or to the right edge to change background image.
    • Press the Menu key to open the app Settings.
    • Double click the Menu key to unlock Settings.
    • Press any Volume key to start/stop recording audio.

    • Photos are saved on the SD card in the folder named U_Images.
    • Audio files are saved in the folder U_Audio.
    • App appears as U Camera in the Launcher home.
    • The application will not appear in the Recently Used List.

    What to expect from future versions:
    • Record video.
    • Take photo after interval.

    Disclaimer! We do not own any of the app or websites presented in the screenshots that are used as background images.

    Send any suggestion that you may have for new background images at

    In some parts it is illegal to take a photo with a camera with no shutter sound. We have taken this into consideration by adding the option to turn it on/off in the Preferences menu.

    Important! This app is good for gags and catching embarrassing moments. We do not promote any illegal use. Be responsible and have fun.

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