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    Collect & Manage all Your Photos in One Place!

    If you sign-up the app for the first time and connect to many services, it may take up to few minutes to index your photos before you will see them in Photo Connect. This is a one-time index process and subsequent photo access will be very fast. We appreciate your patience.

    ZeroPC Photo Connect is designed to help you easily aggregate and manage all of the photos stored in your Android phone and in popular services like Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket, Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive, Evernote,, 4Shared & SugarSync.

    Photo Connect features automatic syncing and backing up of photos from an Android phone to the cloud for unified access and management with a “sync-on” Wi-Fi option.

    Once photos are aggregated and synced to Photo Connect, they are automatically populated into a unique “timeline” tile presentation of all your photos.

    You can travel through time with your photos to see them from the most recent to the oldest by scrolling or using a navigation bar. Use Photo Connect to tag any of your photos. You can use the built-in search feature which allows you to find your photos using keyword tags.

    ZeroPC Photo Connect provides a “virtual album” mash-up feature that consolidates all of your photos from multiple cloud services plus local photos from your phone for easy tagging, organizing and creating special moments to share with friends and family.


    - Photo mash-up for easy viewing and management in one convenient place– supported connections include Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket, Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, Evernote,, 4Shared & SugarSync.
    - Automatically sync and backup your photos from your phone to the cloud for easy access and managing
    - Create “virtual albums” for easy tagging, organizing and sharing with friends
    - Select any photos to share with anyone through your favorite social apps
    - Scroll through your connected photos in beautiful “timeline” tile presentation
    - Search your photos with keywords and tag your photos for future searching

    ** FAQ **
    1) Where can I find my photos from my phone that were synced and backed up to the cloud using Photo Connect?
    - Your synced photos from your phone are securely backed up in the ZeroPC Cloud. To access your photos, you can view them in the Photo Connect app, retrieve and download them using the “ZeroPC Cloud Desktop” or “ZeroPC Cloud Navigator” Android tablet app. All services are FREE.

    2) If I already have a ZeroPC Cloud Desktop or Cloud Navigator Android tablet app account, do I need to create a new account in order to use Photo Connect?
    - No. When you sign up to use Photo Connect, you use the same ZeroPC login credentials – your ZeroPC Passport - to access ZeroPC Cloud Desktop ( and ZeroPC Cloud Navigator™ Android app (

    3) Do I need to pay for ZeroPC Photo Connect service?
    - When you sign-up a new account using ZeroPC Photo Connect, you are signing up a FREE ZeroPC account, which comes with 1GB of Free ZeroPC cloud storage and up to 2GB of monthly bandwidth allowance. If you need more storage or more monthly bandwidth, we offer an affordable paid plan for more storage and bandwidth. Please visit for more detail.

    4) Tell me about “ZeroPC Cloud Desktop” and “ZeroPC Cloud Navigator”:
    - “ZeroPC Cloud Desktop” instantly turns your browser into a powerful, fully-functional cloud desktop with up to 40GB of FREE integrated cloud storage. Please visit

    - “ZeroPC Cloud Navigator” is a powerful cloud content manager for your Android tablet device. You can instantly and securely connect to popular cloud services; Download your FREE ‘ZeroPC Cloud Navigator’ app today at Android Market Place (

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