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    2012 Sports (EN) Add-on dictionary for Adaptxt!

    The new look of the ADAPTXT logo will start reflecting in app from the next update.

    Please update Adaptxt to the latest version in order to use this language Add-on.

    Now completely FREE for a limited period only! Adaptxt is the most adaptive solution for all your Android text input frustrations.

    Our Adaptxt 2012 Sports theme for Smartphone users flaunts a new vibrant keyboard layout, a specific 2012 Sports (EN) dictionary and an innovative “Xplore” key.
    Adaptxt has incorporated a dedicated “Xplore” key on the keyboard that directs you to all the relevant website links for information regarding the athletes, teams, countries participating and all the sports involved.
    The Xplore key can be used in two ways: The user can type and select the keyword from the suggestion bar or simply type the keyword and hit the space key which lights up the Xplore key like a bulb thus activating it. This one of a kind “Xplore as you type” feature is your one stop shop for all the Sports related information!

    Powered by Predictive Text!

    Adaptxt provides you with unparalleled quality of suggestions, corrections and language dictionaries to help you with text input on your Android touchscreen and hard keyboard phones.

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