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    Next time you hit a Trade show, Factory tour, Supplier/Customer meeting, take 21Brains with you.

    -No more sorting through a sea of outdated product photos and specs sheets.
    -No more using business cards for 'crib notes' on the most recent topics of discussion
    -No more relying on over-matched generic PC spreadsheet apps for your specific sourcing needs.

    None of these tools were meant to take us this far. What purchasers and sourcing professionals want is one tool that is sophisticated enough to input and manage vast sums of product/supplier information across various platforms and devices, and flexible enough to meet the unique requirements of their company and their industry.

    With 21Brains, you can put the crib notes away for good:

    -Digitally Catalog all your Favorite Products
    Stop carrying all those catalogs and brochures around the tradeshow. No more deciphering illegible scribbles on the back of business cards. With 21Brains you can digitally note all the great things at the trade show, and share it with your colleagues, in the cloud, right on your mobile device.

    -Organize and Share Photos
    Photos are a Purchaser's best friend. But without a real system for organizing hundreds of photos, it's easy to get buried. On top of storing product info, 21Brains allows you to store all your photos in a real web database, you never misplace or confuse your shots again.

    -Catalog all the Suppliers you meet
    You're popular. You're friendly. You're interesting. You shouldn't be punished for that. Stop collecting hundreds of business cards, and start putting all your contacts in a single secure place. Online. Where only your colleagues can access them, and continue the conversation.

    -Global Business Collaboration
    When you're at the show, you have a team of staff, bosses and other colleagues around the world missing you. Connect with them instantly and get their valuable feedback on the products and people you're finding at the show.

    Finally a mobile sourcing tool powerful, flexible and adaptable enough for any industry. All the data you catalog syncs right up to the cloud, to share with your colleagues all over the world.

    And it's right on your phone. And on the Web. That's 21Brains.

    Download the free Android app now, and check out for more details on how you can bring this powerful tool to your organization.

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