3Cycle - Daily Scheduler

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    "3Cycle" - It will take care of a week of yours.
    New three revolutions of "Time Management App"

    First, Go in the common UI!
    clock-shaped UI that can see a daily schedule at a time.
    Second, Stop only making plans without practice.
    Accurate feedback through Analysis Algorithm.
    Third, Stop worrying how to realize successful life.
    Signpost that tells the way to successful life.
    - Love , Dream and Joy !!

    Challenge your successful life with "3Cycle"

    What is "3Cycle" ?

    - "3Cycle" means that one can lead the most successful life when one spent a week that Love, Dream and Joy which are three elements of success psychologists suggest are in perfect harmony.

    What are Love, Dream and Joy, then?
    LOVE : About human relationships, which is the time with people one love.
    DREAM : About self-realization , which is the time with make an effort for realizing long-term goals.
    JOY : About joy of life , which plays a major role in recharging energy through healing your exhausted mind and body.

    Many psychologists say that the pursuit of success and happiness is the most important goal in one's life.
    For the highlights of your life, set your lifetime goals with 3cycle and create your Happy Cycle for the successful life through the well-balanced scheduling - Love, Dream, Joy.


    - Clock-Shaped planning chart seen at a glance
    - Color display by Categories - Love, Dream and Joy
    - Tidy Neon-design
    - Creation and Management of several planning charts
    - Evaluation of planning chart in the Analysis Algorithm
    - Feedback about the life of one week

    [Main Function]

    - Easy input method.
    Register at one-touch button and you can delete and change drag-and-drop.

    - Display of schedule and the current time
    Mark with the schedule planned and the current time when 3Cycle runs.

    - Check of the alarm and the execution according to the schedule.
    Tell you all you have to do through alarm and you can know whether or not the schedule is complete through execution-check.

    - 3Cycle guide for users
    3Cycle guide with the top will help you how to use the 3Cycle.

    - Add schedule table through the list page
    You can create and manage various planning charts in the list page.

    - Easy day registration on the list page.
    You can set the schedule for each day of the week by putting it into day of week slot, easily.

    - Feedback through the stats page
    Provide a feedback on evaluation of whether the planning chart is well-balanced with Love, Dream and Joy and how much you practice the schedule of a week.

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