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    This Android App is A Jim Rohn Quote A Day

    Jim Rohn is a motivational speaker who has changed my life.

    His quotes stop me in my tracks. Simple and powerful, these words shed brave insight into a scary world.

    Each day, a new quote is shown. He tends to be understated, so it helps to have time to think about each quote.

    Jim Rohn was by his own admission a poor boy raised in obscurity. A native to a small town farming community, he found wisdom with J. Earl Shoaff, who explained life and philosophy in terms of farming and growing.

    Jim Rohn and his lot such as Dennis Waitley were some of the most famous believers of The Secret or visualization of the 1900-2000s. He did ground it in reality, however, as he advocated working towards your goals. It wasn't enough, he said, to dream and design your future. You had to stride towards it. The world will meet you halfway, and friends and acquaintances will work to help you when you deserve it.

    He was the famous mentor to Tony Robbins. And now, looking back, you can see Jim Rohn's philosophy echo through Tony Robbins. Tony is the Why Guy... who works from what people's motivation is. Jim used to say, When the why gets clear and powerful, the how becomes easy.

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